An interesting combination of plugins

This week's Update features a non-profit group's new site that uses several plugins to achieve the goal of private pages for a member directory, meeting minutes, and training program information.

The past week's version updates were few. The most useful:

Page Links To 2.8 —  Lets you make a WordPress page link to an external URL of your choosing, instead of its WordPress URL, useful for setting up navigation links to non-WordPress sections of your site or to off-site resources.

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Last week I mentioned the Private Content plugin. This week we have another way to restrict access — Page Restrict 2.0.7 by Matt Martz and Andy Stratton. Just designate which pages on your site are restricted to logged-in users [members, subscribers], and if someone browses one of those pages, they will be met with a note that they are required to login before viewing the page.

Combine that with a Login Boom Bar configured to be visible only to not-logged-in users, and you have the makings of a restricted access site.

Use the Page Links tool to remove your protected pages from the navigation system. Add a navigation widget for private pages using the Widget Logic plugin, and you are all set. Essentally, you have two sets of pages, one for public viewing and the other for those to whom you provide login credentials.

The site? It's still being completed by its owners, so we're going to hold off announcing it for a few more days. It will be featured with a link in next week's Newsletter.

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We love plugins, and use lots of them. The benefits of added security and productivity make the small amount of system overhead they add well worth the cost!

There are SO many great plugins that finding the right ones can be a bit daunting. Do you have a favorite plugin that you’d like to share? Feel free to tell us about it.