Plugin Update – Now Every Other Week

Good intentions meet reality. Updates have been steady, and some have been challenging to implement. Starting with this issue, the USSN Plugin Update will be published every other week, alternating weeks with our newsletter, USSN Net News.

New Versions of Some Recently Updated Plugins

The release of Google Doc Embedder 2.5.6 on Feb. 22 provides an easy way to embed several types of files into your WordPress pages using the Google Docs Viewer to allow inline viewing (and optional downloading) of several file types including Word docs, Powerpoint slides, Excel spreadsheets and PDF with no Flash or PDF browser plug-in required.

Do you want to add a Social Media Widget to your site? Blink's v. 3.3 includes support for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn,, Github, Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, YouTube, and more!

Send email invoices from your site with Web Invoicing 3.08.5. Add the ability to send invoices directly to clients from within your WordPress Dashboard. Automatically interfaces with a PayPal Business Standard account to complete transactions.

Here's a new way to organize and present information — use a simple shortcode to display selected categories of posts on any page. Posts to Page 3.2.1 gives you the ability to add post categories for products or other items and control the display in a variety of ways.

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We love plugins, and use lots of them. The benefits of added security and productivity make the small amount of system overhead they add well worth the cost!

There are SO many great plugins that finding the right ones can be a bit daunting. Do you have a favorite plugin that you’d like to share? Feel free to tell us about it.